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New CD Tea For Three drops April Fool’s Day

Stephen’s first solo CD “Tea For Three” drops on April 1st, 2014. It will be available for download on iTunes. Click on store for CDs.

ST hosts new blues, jazz and soul club in Nashville

Starting in January 2014, Stephen began hosting “BJs” - a weekly blues, jazz and soul night in Nashville. Among the first acts to perform have been Gary Talley & The Road Home, the John Reno Prentice Band and WT Davidson and his Bad Eggs.

ST elected Fellow of Great Britain’s Royal Society of Arts

In 2013 Stephen was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in Great Britain. This honor is in recognition of his lifelong contributions to social issues in his books and films. Read about Stephen’s latest books on the books page!


      - FEEDBACK -____

What the listeners are saying...

“These last few days, I have been listening to the new album by multi-talented Nashville artist Stephen Trombley, ‘Tea for Three’: beautifully performed country music, and wonderfully sensitive song-writing, both witty and poignant. It makes me love country all over again - a real little jewel from Tennessee.”

-S.A., Corhsam, UK

“Stephen Trombley is one of the finest writers it has ever been my privilege to know. He also happens to be one of Nashville's finest.”

  1. -L.J., London, UK

“Stephen is a wonderful storyteller and songwriter. My favorites on this Album are Suzy Says, Tea for Three and Whaddya Know!”

- A.V, Washington, DC

“Terrific songwriter!”

  1. -D.Z., London, UK

“The beauty of simplicity.”

E.P., Monrovia, CA

“Stephen Trombley is one of America’s premier songwriters.  The music is familiar yet radical; a beautiful, gentle, mature production.”

  1. -A.H., Isle of Jersey, UK

“The songs address subjects I care about.”

  1. -D.C. Phoenix, AZ

“Stephen Trombley is thinking women’s crumpet.”

- K.R., Newport, UK